Saturday, October 25, 2014

BLOGtober 25th - Retail therapy..

Because my life has changed drastically lately and I´m now considering myself as a poor person (read "poor person": "not being able to splurge on whatever I want and spend high amounts of money on expensive shoes and loads of makeup that I don´t need").................... As I said, because of that, I´m not that materialistic anymore... I guess... I´m materialistic insiiiide, but I don´t act it. I haven´t bought a single makeup item in MONTHS. No new clothes, shoes, or anything! Just necessities (for example deodorant and today I got a new foundation after actually using up several I´ve had for ages.....) and boring stuff for the house. Well, actually I´m not living in a house, but an apartment.
ANYWAY, several reason for this situation, enough about that, let´s focus on what I did today and how it made me feel :))

SO my birthday was two days ago, October 23rd, and yesterday I was just looking online and suddenly I just felt an instant urge to buy something. Because after all it was my birthday... Hello.

I cannot describe the happy feeling I got after ordering. New clothes. I´m so excited I could die.
I am going to throw out all of my old ugly shitty clothes that I hate and I´m going to put all of the new ones on my bed and then I am going to roll around in them and.. NO. I am just so happy because I love to shop. And it was the first time on seriously MONTHS!!!!!!!!!!

I know, a lot of basic stuff but it´s nicer that just the basic plain stuff, so I like it!

Wednesday, October 22, 2014

BLOGtober 22nd - Going back to Thailand :)

.....Sooo.... I may or may not be going back to Thailand in December...! :D
Can´t wait! I feel like the luckiest girl in the world right now :)

Words cannot describe how fantastic it is going to be with another vacation, especially since I´ll be traveling with a person I care very much about..;)

Haven´t planned exactly where to go yet, but we will be spending at least a couple of days in Bangkok.. And then the rest at some beach/island destination..:)

Do you have any traveling plans this year?

Thursday, October 02, 2014

BLOGTOBER 2nd - Urban Decay Revolution Lipstick in "Venom" *Review & Swatches*

I guess it´s time for another lippie post!
This has actually been a draft since last fall, and I´m very grateful for that at the moment because I will be on a spending ban for probably the rest of my life right now. Haha. 
Let´s just say I got myself an apartment and it´s not too cheap. 

Well, over to the lipstick - It´s simply a wonderful product and the price tag ain´t that bad, especially not for me as they are the same as any Maybelline or Loreal from the drugstore.

I didn´t wear this too much last season so it´s almost like trying on a newly purchased lipstick, which is nice in these times of moneysaving!

Look at this beauty <3

Urban Decay Revolution Lipstick in the color VenomUrban Decay Revolution Lipstick in the color Venom
Urban Decay Revolution Lipstick in the color VenomUrban Decay Revolution Lipstick in the color Venom

Urban Decay Revolution Lipstick in the color Venom
Urban Decay Revolution Lipstick in the color Venom

Wednesday, October 01, 2014

BLOGtober 1st - Harmony

I did BLOGtober last year and it was so fun I´ve been waiting all year to do it again.
I haven´t been very active on here the last 6 months, and I just recently came back. I was very determined to do BLOGtober - but then a lot of things happened, one of them being getting a new apartment. Being drenched in stuff to do, you all know moving isn´t done in a day - I could´t see myself managing the BLOGtober "challenge"..
But here I am, in my new apartment, finding the time and the motivation to at least try :)
I enjoy it very much so it could be a nice break from all of the other things that needs to be done;)

Are there anyone else doing #BLOGtober this year? Please leave me your link and be sure to hit me up on twitter @deliriumish ! :)

October Starbucks Coffee Pumpkin

The first coffee in my new apartment :)

Have a lovely October everyone! I think it´s going to be filled with harmony :)

xx Karla

Monday, September 01, 2014

Hello September + Moving

Hi everyone!

I´ve been away for a long time and I´m not going to venture too much into why except the fact that I didn´t feel like blogging.

I tried to do the 30 Day Blog Challenge throughout September, but it simply didn´t work out.

I do have some exciting news though! I just got myself an apartment! I´m sooo busy trying to pack all of my stuff down and get it ready for the new place. Really excited to see how it turns out. I do have a hope for making it through #BLOGtober this year, but no promises.

Sunday, March 02, 2014

Life update :) Soon in Thailand !

A picture of Koh Samui Thailand

Hi beauties!

Just wanted to check in and give a sign of life on here ;-)

Not been feeling too well lately and haven´t had much fun to share. I have a few swatch/review posts coming up, but I haven´t been able to finish them properly and I don´t like posting anything that´s not 100% - so I just stopped thinking about it for a while ;)

My trip to Thailand is soon here, just about a week left until we´re leaving! Everything is booked, planned and paid so no more headache over things that needs to be done. Only the packing left, which is a proper task and I know I´m gonna be struggling trying to keep everything to a minimum.

I have a plan in my mind to record a video this week, maybe I´ll be able to post it before I leave. Oh, no promises, just thinking out loud! :-)

Ok, today is laundry and cleaning day - need everything to be nice before I leave so I don´t get back to a total mess! I better get back to it.

Hopefully I´ll be able to get some new posts up during this week. Can´t wait to show you my new lippies ;-)

Do you have any vacation plans? Been up to anything fun lately?

xxoo Karla // Miss Delirium

Saturday, February 08, 2014

FOTD/MOTD - ♡ HUGE personal news ♡

A picture of Blue and gold smokey eye

I officially feel a little old, but it´s with heaps of joy that I can announce that yesterday afternoon - I became an aunt!!

I can´t wait to meet my sis and the little baby boy today!

Even though I´m not the hugest fan of children, this is pretty awesome and I´m sure this lil guy´s gonna melt my heart ;-)

This does´t seem too important anymore, but I can also gladly announce, as the geek that I am, that my Cowboy Studio Lights arrived yesterday!
It´s a kit with three lamps with tripods, two of them with umbrellas.
They´re pretty basic as it´s only $59 from, but I guess it´s gonna work for my use. (I don´t really need it, I just wanted it so bad).
ANYWAY, long story short, I was super stoked when it arrived three days earlier than expected and could´t wait to try it out, but then I figured I need a voltage converter !! I think I even managed to short circuit one of the lamps !! And this voltage converter is impossible to get hold of where I live, so I had to order online, so now I have to wait 4 more days after all!!

And to turn that sad story into something cute - Happy Saturday everyone, and.... I`M AN AUNT!!!! :-)

xxoo Karla // Miss Delirium

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