Saturday, February 08, 2014

FOTD/MOTD - ♡ HUGE personal news ♡

A picture of Blue and gold smokey eye

I officially feel a little old, but it´s with heaps of joy that I can announce that yesterday afternoon - I became an aunt!!

I can´t wait to meet my sis and the little baby boy today!

Even though I´m not the hugest fan of children, this is pretty awesome and I´m sure this lil guy´s gonna melt my heart ;-)

This does´t seem too important anymore, but I can also gladly announce, as the geek that I am, that my Cowboy Studio Lights arrived yesterday!
It´s a kit with three lamps with tripods, two of them with umbrellas.
They´re pretty basic as it´s only $59 from, but I guess it´s gonna work for my use. (I don´t really need it, I just wanted it so bad).
ANYWAY, long story short, I was super stoked when it arrived three days earlier than expected and could´t wait to try it out, but then I figured I need a voltage converter !! I think I even managed to short circuit one of the lamps !! And this voltage converter is impossible to get hold of where I live, so I had to order online, so now I have to wait 4 more days after all!!

And to turn that sad story into something cute - Happy Saturday everyone, and.... I`M AN AUNT!!!! :-)

xxoo Karla // Miss Delirium


  1. Congrats! I'm an aunt too!

  2. I know this is completely random but i really like your hair, is it a braid? or a plat and wrapped around? i wish i could do hair like this.
    And Congrats on becoming and Aunt, my sister was due yesterday but we are still waiting for him lol.

  3. Congratulations sweety! :) So happy for you.. yayyyy! :D


  4. Amazing Blog. maybe want folow each other? I folow your blog, Twitter and instagram :)


  5. This post was really helpful....Super Glue or Cyanoacrylate.

  6. Thank you Chaitra! :) I´m gonna be such a crazy aunt, he is absolutely adorable!!! x

  7. Congratulations ,,,, have a great time ahead.

    Regards -

  8. Congrats!

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